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Get your apps at the top of the charts and on to the devices of your most valuable customers

Recent studies have shown that nearly 65% of all app discoveries occur through app store searches. This means that optimizing your app listings to rise in the ranks of app store search results is critical to getting your apps found and downloaded by your target audience. WMT offers extensive app optimization services to help your apps gain visibility and increase download frequency across all app stores.

WMT App Store Optimization

Strategically crafting app store listings to maximize search visibility & increase downloads

The key to optimizing app store listings is understanding user search behaviour and intent. WMT looks at multiple data sources to obtain critical insights on vital keywords that can be used to precisely target the users who matter the most to your business. In addition, WMT’s app store optimization process factors in the impact of other elements such as user ratings, reviews, and historical app download volumes.

With optimization services from WMT, your app store listings will have impactful titles, persuasive descriptions, visually-appealing screenshots, and comprehensive feature details. Your apps will be more easily found by relevant users, download frequency will increase, and your rankings in the app store charts will start to rise. App store optimization takes time and effort, but the payoff will be well worth the investment.

Essential App Store Optimization Tactics

Understanding the formula for rising in the ranks of app store search results

With over 2 million mobile apps in today's app stores, getting your app in front of potential customers is one of the most important issues facing publishers. It’s important to understand the various methods for marketing your app. One very important technique that is often overlooked is the process of optimizing your app.

Crafting your app store listing always starts with in-depth research on keywords and user behaviour patterns, but it doesn’t stop there. To get the most from your app store listing, you need to consider an extensive list of optimization elements.

This includes things like the app title and description, the design of the app icon, quality of the preview videos, category selection, choosing the most relevant screenshots, and more.

WMT builds out your app store listings with the perfect mix of all these elements to ensure they contain all the important pieces required to climb the charts


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Working Together with Your App Team

Custom app store optimization plans to meet your needs & provide support to your team

At WMT, we offer app store optimization services to suit the needs of any business. Whether you’re looking for a complete solution where we manage all aspects from beginning to end, or have an internal team in need of support and guidance, we are here to help in any way that works best for you.

Our app store optimization specialists will work side-by-side with your team to ensure your app listings are clean, complete, and ready to rise to the top of the app store charts.


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