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SEO, Paid Search & Social Media Marketing for Dentists

WMT has over 20 years experience with all aspects of digital marketing, with 9 years dedicated specifically to dental marketing. We've helped clinics drive new patient acquisition, nurture stronger relationships with existing patients with organic search optimization, paid search and social media campaigns, as well as improve backend processes to improve patient retention, while streamlining & improving communication processes.

If you’re looking to sell your dental practice, or just looking to grow your practice, read on to learn how we can help.

Dental Search Engine Optimization

Maximize organic search performance

We know SEO.  We've helped other dental clinics increase their organic search visits from Google by over 200%.  The first step is conducting a site audit to identify the issues, such as technical elements, content deficiencies,  META titles & descriptions, H1’s, schema markup, and user experience issues like how call-to-action elements have been setup to improve conversion rates.

Once we’ve identified all the issues, we map out the recommended strategy and solutions to fix the problems. We can address them as quickly or as slowly as required in order to match your budget requirements.

Improve Your SEO Performance

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Paid Search for Dental Clinics

High performing Google & Microsoft Ads campaigns

WMT has over 9 years of direct hands-on experience building and managing effective dental paid search campaigns that deliver the results you’re looking for – new patients. If you’re already running a campaign, but aren’t seeing results, we would start with an account audit, which will tell us if we’re able to modify the existing campaign setup, or if it makes more sense to just rebuild it.

We go through all aspects of your campaigns, such as:

  • Keywords (negatives, too)
  • Ad copy
  • Retargeting lists
  • Schedules
  • Geographic targeting options
  • And much more…

If you don’t have anything setup already, we’ll build it from the ground up, customizing and optimizing all account elements based on your objectives and budget requirements.

Launch or Optimize Your Paid Search Campaigns

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Dental Social Media Marketing

Effective social campaigns for dentists

WMT has a solid understanding of how to leverage social media channels, which for dental practices primarily focuses on Facebook, to deliver a positive ROI. We look at all aspects of your channel to ensure we’re setup for success, and then we’ll build out your ad account and create the right audience demographics for your specific location and practice specialties. We use a combination of organic and paid ads to promote your practice, generate qualified leads, and build followers to your channel.

Success using social media depends on delivering valuable messages to highly relevant audiences, at the most ideal times, and in formats that engage users effectively. WMT handles all aspects of social media marketing from account setup, targeting optimization, ad creation, and ongoing management.

Launch or Optimize Your Social Media Campaign

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Google Ads - Budgets & Return on Investment

Understanding costs & ROI for dental clinics

It’s important to know that the dental vertical is competitive. This results in a higher cost per click. So setting and understanding appropriate budgets is important. Depending on your geographical location (GTA or non-GTA), and competition levels, you'll need to budget between $2 and $8k per month on ad spend (excluding management fees).

While at first glance this may seem like a lot, refer to your calculations around the average annual revenue per patient “AARP”. For Ontario the AARP ranges between $200 to $250 in hygiene fees per active patient and $350-$400 in dental fees per active patient, totaling $550 to $650 per patient, per year. Obviously, the goal is to keep your costs per patient acquisition as low as possible. We normally see a total cost per conversion between $10-$30 (includes all marketing costs) – so it’s important you have a solid process in place to maximize these leads – i.e. good phone system, and properly trained staff so you’re not wasting leads, and you’re converting as many of these into actual patients.

The WMT Experience

Dedicated to providing real world results for dental practices

Over the last decade Web Marketing Toronto has created a system and methodology for dental clinic digital marketing that will grow your practice, putting you in the best possible position whether you're looking to sell your dental practice, or simply looking to increase clinic profitability.   Reach out and let's talk about how we can help grow your clinic's online presence and improve patient interaction and retention with our partnership with NextHealth

Innovation and learning are important to WMT.  To keep up with the ever-changing world of digital marketing, we're always running experiments, tests and analyzing the data, as well as managing a healthy portfolio of client properties.  It's this commitment to learning and growth that allows us to provide clients with best in class digital marketing services.

Take a few minutes and read our dental case study and see how we've helped dental clinics in Ontario increase website traffic over 200% year over year.


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