SEO – Why Invest in Organic Search?

One look at your Analytics and you'll see organic search is one of your top 3 traffic sources, if not the top traffic source. Love it or hate it, organic search has become vital for the success of any Toronto business, big or small, and launching a search engine optimization campaign that a.) builds SEO into your platform, and b.) ensures ongoing monthly optimization efforts are being made, is the single most effective way to drive traffic, increase brand awareness and sales of your products, services or drive leads for your business.

SEO has to be your online marketing departments top priority – after all doesn't it simply make sense to be re-investing in the channel that's providing the highest returns on investment? Why allocate such a high proportion of your online budget into Paid Search, Social Channels and other online campaigns when you don't even have an effective SEO campaign in place. It just doesn't make sense to do it any other way, SEO first, then other campaigns – this will maximize your budgets, and provide the highest returns.

So it's clear how important organic search is, what usually isn't so clear is how you go about implementing SEO best practices when you don't even understand how it works. Also confusing the issue is that everyone seems to have their own opinion, and everyone claims to be an expert when they aren't.

Web Marketing Toronto is led by Jeff Fidler, who's been working in the SEO industry for 15 years, and knows what works and what doesn't. Jeff handles all aspects of your site review, and the planning for ongoing SEO efforts each month – so you can be sure that an expert, senior level specialist is handling your campaign, not a 20 year old junior level SEO “Specialist” with 3-4 years' experience.

WMT always starts the SEO process with an Audit and Roadmap (at some level). The audit process is critical for us to completely review your site, run scans, conduct analysis and come back to the table with meaningful & impactful recommendations specific to your website, and aligned to your objectives. The SEO/Website Audit & Roadmap clearly shows what's wrong with your site, while the Roadmap outlines what you need to do to fix it, both initially, as well as ongoing monthly optimization elements.

This process drives the best results and gives your site the best possible chance for first page rankings, which is the end goal of what we do. And with the ever shrinking real estate available on search results pages these days, being on the first page isn't optional - either you pay per click via Paid Search, or you invest in SEO.

Book your Discovery Session and let's explore how we can increase organic search for your business.