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Boost search visibility and acquire valuable new customers with strategic SEM (search engine marketing) campaigns optimized to achieve maximum business results.

22 Years of Paid Search Experience

Strategic Overall SEM Direction and Hands-on Management Drive Results

Paid search campaigns can be one of the most efficient ways to drive business results online. They can also be a money-pit if not setup and optimized properly. With the right approach to SEM, your business can achieve greater visibility on targeted, high converting search terms, which in turn drive relevant visitors to your website, generating sales for ecom sites, or leads for B2B campaigns. 

WMT’s approach to paid search marketing has been proven in a wide variety of industries to successfully drive business results through the acquisition of high-value visitors. These visitors are driven to the most relevant content and optimized landing pages, guiding them to effective conversion points and a positive user experience.

Whether we're rebuilding an existing SEM account, or helping a client get started with paid search for the first time, WMT’s data-driven approach ensures that all SEM efforts are aligned with business goals and focused on the keywords and search queries that will have the greatest impact with the highest level of efficiency.

Paid Search (SEM) Audits

Comprehensive Analysis of Past Campaign Performance

If you've run a paid search campaign in the past that hasn't met performance requirements, the first step should be performing a campaign audit. Through this process, we're able to determine what's worked and what hasn't (assuming we have conversion data), which we use to guide us in the creation and optimization of new campaigns.

The audit will include extensive analysis of past paid search results. This will include a deep-dive on all historical paid search metrics, as well as ad copy, ad creative, targeting settings, audiences, conversions, on-site behaviour, and other critical factors to identify all optimization opportunities.

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New Accounts and Rebuilds

Turn Key Solutions for New & Existing Campaigns

Whether you’re new to using paid search marketing as part of your digital strategy, or have an existing SEM account in need of an overhaul, WMT will provide the guidance and hands-on management that you need to make it succeed. Our team specializes in continual optimization of SEM campaigns with a focus on maximizing ROI.

Whether you’re changing the direction of your overall digital strategy or starting up an SEM account from scratch, WMT ensures that all paid search campaigns are setup for maximum impact. As part of all new accounts and rebuilds, analytics & conversion tracking are configured to provide total transparency in to SEM performance.

Competitor Analysis & Strategy

Outsmart the Competition and Acquire Valuable Market Share With Strategic SEM Solutions

A critical element of any SEM strategy includes a comprehensive analysis of the competitive environment and understanding how these factors can be leveraged for your success. WMT compiles valuable competitive data from multiple sources to develop a clear picture of SEM competition and where the biggest opportunities exist.

WMT works with you to craft a robust yet agile SEM marketing strategy that will effectively target your key competitors and quickly react to changing market conditions. Whether you go head-to-head with a single main competitor, or engage in an aggressive vertical with multiple competitors, your business will be positioned to win.

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Ongoing Paid Search Management

Continual SEM Optimizations, Detailed Analysis, and Insightful Reporting

In order to maximize the effects of any SEM campaign, it’s essential to continually monitor and analyze performance to determine areas of optimization, as well as identify changing market conditions. Whether it’s new competitors joining the fray, seasonal trends, or evolving user behaviour, your SEM needs to adapt accordingly.

Transparency is one of the cornerstones of WMT’s success, and this fact shines through in the insightful performance reports we provide our clients. We believe in the value of an open dialogue with all our clients, where we provide strategic recommendations, detailed analysis of performance, and transparency in to all actions.

Landing Page Creation

Crafting the Optimum Landing Page Experiences to Drive More Conversions

Acquiring targeted, relevant users to your website through SEM is step #1, but if the on-site landing experience isn’t up to par, those visitors may not end up converting. WMT brings a wealth of landing page design experience to bear for your business, optimizing pages to provide the best path to conversion for your SEM visitors.

Calls-to-action on each landing page are designed for maximum impact, and on-page content is crafted to be clear, concise, and valuable. WMT works to ensure that from the second SEM visitors arrive on your site, they are provided the most relevant content to meet their needs, in a format that is optimized to maximize conversions.

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