Ongoing Paid Search Management

Continual optimization & management for maximum ROI

In order to get the most from your paid search campaigns, they require regular maintenance, optimizations, and refinements. Changing market conditions, increased competitor activity, seasonal variations, and many other factors can have a big impact on the performance of your SEM account. With WMT managing your paid search, you’ll always be ahead of the curve.

WMT SEM Ongoing Management

Hands-on management, analysis and optimization of all types of SEM campaigns

Paid search is a digital marketing channel that is in a constant state of change, and in order to manage successful SEM campaigns, you need to always be in tune with what’s happening. WMT takes a direct, hands-on approach to managing paid search accounts, and provide continual analysis and optimizations to your campaigns so you can get the greatest impact out of each and every click for the most efficient use of your click ad budgets.

We work in sync with your marketing team to align strategies and tactics for paid search, and deploy campaigns specifically optimized to meet your unique business objectives. No matter what types of changes occur in the business environment, from fluctuations in competitive activity to recurring seasonal trends, your paid search will be nimble and adaptable and able to meet the challenges to generate positive ROI results.


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Common Monthly PPC Services

Comprehensive SEM optimization, management, and performance reporting

WMT provides customized ongoing paid search management for your business, featuring best-in-class strategic SEM support and data-driven optimizations. Our team of paid search experts bring decades of search engine marketing experience to the table and deliver incremental improvements each month that provide real world ROI.  

Monthly SEM services are customized based on the objectives for your campaign and can include a wide variety of services, including:

  • Campaign structure & ad group optimizations
  • Keyword refinements, expansions & negative list management
  • Ad copy optimizations & creative asset development
  • Account settings and targeting criteria optimizations
  • Continuous conversion tracking testing and verification
  • Seasonal and promotional support & special campaigns
  • Monthly analysis, insights, reporting & action plans

WMT SEM Services - What To Expect

Complete transparency & lightning-fast responsiveness

WMT prides itself on providing proactive management of Google paid search campaigns, from planning compelling sales & promotions, seasonal events, and other key factors that drive the performance of paid search campaigns.

The SEM team is always on top of day to day management issues like budgets, responding quickly to changes in user behaviour (Covid19 for example), paying attention to daily changes in campaign, ad group and keyword conversions and other detail oriented tasks. To help improve response times, we use AI based software to monitor subtle changes in the account and send us real-time alerts allowing us to move quickly, which provides many benefits, such as stretching your click budget, monitoring out of stock issues, and improving ROI - to name a few.

Transparency. Whether we’re dealing with paid search, SEO, social media, conversion optimization, or website design & development services -  transparency is something so obvious, yet is one of the most often overlooked and under-discussed factors in selecting what agency you want to work with.

It always amazes us when we hear from clients that their previous SEM agency never provided ongoing monthly reporting (or any kind of reporting for that matter), which in our opinion is just plain sketchy.  This lack of transparency indicates that either they have something to hide, or they are just lazy.  

WMT provides complete transparency into all aspects of your campaign via your customized reporting dashboard. This report covers all your key metrics, and our custom performance analysis.  In addition, we take you through the reports on our monthly conference call. These reports are also archived so you have access to them at any point in the future.  Learn more about our reporting & analysis services below.

With WMT in control, your paid search campaigns will always be working to drive real results for your business.


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Reporting Process

Insights & strategic recommendations to guide SEM strategy

WMT relies on a data-driven approach to reporting, which begins with establishing relevant key performance indicators, allowing enough time for data collection and finally performing the analysis and providing recommendations.

WMT uses customized reporting dashboards which use widgets that pull in data directly from GA, Google Ads, and other sources, and are configured around a wide variety of metrics - from New Users, to Phone Calls & more. In addition, the reports also include our monthly analysis, which summarizes what happened last month, and what the plan is for this month.

Your ongoing SEM campaign includes 1 - 1hr conference call with 2 Senior SEM Specialists, where we review last month’s results, discuss the latest recommendations, address any outstanding issues, and align efforts to execute on the action plan.

As with all WMT campaigns, we can take care of all the paid search implementation requirements every month, or you can handle it internally, or we can collaborate. Regardless of the implementation method, we will ensure that your paid search campaigns continue to evolve and work to provide positive results for your business.

SEM Management Options

Customized SEM management to fit your unique needs

WMT’s ongoing SEM management plans can be customized in many different ways to fit the needs of your business and the unique demands of your competitive environment. Depending on the bandwidth of your internal digital marketing team, you may choose to have WMT manage all aspects of paid search from end to end, or select a series of support elements that we can provide to bolster your existing team. The choice is yours, and we can quickly and easily adapt the plan at any time to accommodate changing conditions.

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