Paid Search Landing Page Creation

Optimized SEM landing pages to drive conversions

Even the most well-crafted and effective SEM campaigns depend on an effective landing page experience in order to turn those valuable visitors in to customers. When paid search users arrive on your site, you need a strategically-designed landing page to inform them, deliver value, and guide them to a streamlined and optimized conversion path. WMT offers complete landing page solutions that will take your SEM campaigns to new levels of success.

How It Works At WMT

Strategy, creation & implementation of effective SEM landing pages

Whether it's lead generation (form subs & phone calls), or ecommerce sales (category and product pages), we have established landing page best practices designed to maximize conversions.

When designing an effective landing page, you always start with the end in mind. Meaning, you must know what you want to achieve with the page before you can create a landing page experience that works to meet your objectives. Whether you’re looking to acquire leads, phone calls, store visits, or immediate sales, the landing page needs to be strategically designed to provide the information the user wants in a way that guides them to the ideal conversion point.
WMT combines essential data with user experience insights to create landing pages for your SEM campaigns that are customized to match the objectives of your campaigns while simultaneously aligning perfectly with the wants and needs of users. Ongoing analysis and critical optimizations ensure that your landing pages evolve with the needs of your customers as well as with your paid search campaign goals.

WMT also ensures that our landing page costs are manageable - in fact we're just looking to break even on landing pages for paid search - we do this with the long game in mind. 


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What's Included

Complete setup & configuration of landing pages & conversion tracking tools

When WMT delivers custom SEM landing pages for your business, we ensure they integrate seamlessly with your website and analytics tools. Design elements will follow all brand guidelines, conversion tracking will be configured and setup to provide accurate performance reporting, with web forms & call tracking implemented as needed. We work with all popular web platforms and CMS systems, and can provide development services when required.
  • Analysis of existing landing pages & historical data
  • Overall landing page strategy & conversion path design
  • Page layout, copywriting, and design elements
  • Conversion tracking and analytics configuration
  • Form design, call tracking, and development options

What To Expect

Increased conversion rates & brand engagement from paid search campaigns

Effective landing page design goes far beyond just how it looks. WMT works to truly understand the nature of your business, and that includes getting to know how your customers think and behave online. We provide a landing page experience that gives SEM visitors the ability to quickly and easily get the information they want, while efficiently guiding them to the types of conversion points that work best within the context of your paid search campaigns.

You can expect total transparency from WMT in the performance and results obtained through your new landing pages. You’ll know exactly how your campaigns are working to drive conversions, as well as valuable insights and recommendations for future campaigns and landing page optimizations.


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Landing Page Deliverables

Turn-key landing pages for all types of paid search campaigns

When WMT is handling landing page creation for your paid search campaign, you can expect the following:

  • Analysis of current landing pages & SEM performance
  • User behaviour research & conversion path design
  • Page layout, design, & implementation in to site CMS
  • Custom page coding and standalone page creation
  • Analytics, conversion tracking, forms & call tracking

Implementation Options

Complete landing page packages or individual optimization options

WMT provides any level of support needed to ensure a successful implementation of SEM landing pages. We can manage all aspects of landing page creation from concept through to execution, or provide detailed guidance and recommendations to your internal team for them to take on the process of page creation.  We can also work side-by-side with your team to bolster your internal resources in whatever way makes the most sense for your business.


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