Paid Search Case Study: Georgian Dental

Achieving significant SEM growth in an extremely competitive vertical

Georgian Dental is a well-established dental practice with two locations, one in Barrie, ON and another in Orillia, ON. Georgian Dental uses a holistic approach to family dental care and offers a complete range of dental services including dental implants, orthodontics & braces, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and more.

Client Challenges

Dentistry is a tough business to compete in, especially when it comes to search engines and other aspects of digital marketing. Differentiation between dental offices is critical, but the heavily regulated environment demands that great care be taken in how this is done. For Georgian Dental, these factors, coupled with an increasingly competitive local market and internal resources stretched beyond capacity, meant that they needed help from an agency with a proven track record of results that could deliver what was needed to surpass competitors and gain ground in search.

When Georgian Dental approached WMT, we knew immediately that we could help them achieve their goals. A plan was developed to sequentially tackle the core challenges in a manner that would allow each facet of their digital marketing, from SEM to SEO to social media, to build on the success of each other. Georgian Dental was also faced with inconsistencies in tracking & analytics, therefore this was placed as a top priority issue at the very beginning of the project. WMT was tasked with correcting these issues, and implemented a powerful search engine optimization and marketing strategy.  


Campaign Objectives

Overhaul SEM campaigns to maximize conversion generation

Implement AI driven optimization tools to help spot opportunities

Leverage other content creation to reinforce Georgian Dental as industry experts

Scope of Work


In the first stage of the project, WMT began by tackling two major issues that were hindering the digital marketing success of Georgian Dental. The first being an SEM account that was in desperate need of a complete overhaul, and the second being incomplete conversion tracking and analytics configurations across the site. In addition, WMT took on ongoing management and reporting on SEM activity.

The second stage of the project included the development and implementation of a complete SEO strategy. This began with a rebuild and redesign of the website in order to address the many critical SEO problems that permeated throughout the site. Continual management of SEO and detailed reporting was also part of this stage.

The third stage of the project added a comprehensive content marketing strategy to bolster and reinforce paid search and SEO efforts, as well as optimization of existing social media accounts to help aid in the delivery of content to target audiences.

Strategies, Tactics & KPI's

Planning & Strategy

WMT focused on Georgian Dental’s digital marketing activity using a distinct strategy for each element of the campaign.
  • Paid search campaigns were reorganized with the goal of acquiring the most valuable visitors and those most likely to convert and track all activity from keyword through to conversion including phone call conversion tracking.
  • SEO moved ahead with fundamental shifts in site design and user experience to raise search engine authority, gaining ground on competition in the results pages for critical keywords and phrases.
  • Social media optimizations worked to reinforce SEO efforts and acquire a greater number of highly-relevant fans through the distribution of engaging, valuable content assets.

Methods & Tactics

Paid Search Tactics:

  • Complete review & reconfiguration of all analytics settings
  • Implement Google Tag Manager to simplify conversion tracking
  • Configure and manage phone call conversion tracking tool
  • Creation of a complete keyword list across all practice areas
  • Develop a logical & comprehensive campaign & ad group structure
  • Craft compelling ad copy & engaging creative assets

SEO Tactics:

  • Overhaul existing website & redesign with SEO fundamentals
  • Revise navigation to be more intuitive & improve user experience
  • Optimize on-site copy for maximum SEO authority
  • Create high-value educational blog content & articles

Social Media Tactics:

  • Refresh and optimize social media accounts
  • Distribute high-value blog content through Facebook
  • Leverage social media advertising to boost content visibility

KPI's - Measuring Success

As part of WMT’s commitment to transparency, regular reports are delivered on the performance of all digital marketing efforts. These reports highlight the results obtained and detail all critical KPIs for each channel.

  • SEM reports focus on conversion growth and ROI, as well as CPCs, keyword performance, campaign and ad group breakdown, and more.
  • SEO reports focus on traffic and conversion performance, as well as top-performing content and landing pages.
  • Social media reporting, included as part of the overall SEO report, highlights audience growth, engagement, and conversions.

In addition to traditional conversion tracking - sales and form submissions - we also use call tracking so we're able to track inbound calls by traffic source (i.e. organic, paid search, social, direct, etc...). We only count unique callers with call durations over 30 seconds, as we've found calls that don't meet these minimum requirements shouldn't be counted as an actual conversion.

It's All in the Results

Paid Search - Total Conversions -2015 to 2019

Paid search campaigns have shown excellent results, with total conversions from SEM achieving significant continued growth year-over-year.

Organic Search Growth - Monthly From 2015 to 2019

SEO campaigns have also produced fantastic results, with substantial increases in organic traffic each year.

Georgian Dental Testimonial

“We’ve been working with WMT for about eight years now and have come to count on the sound data-based decisions they provide for all aspects of our digital footprint. They have delivered incredible results for our SEM, SEO & Social Media campaigns. WMT also makes it easy for us to make informed marketing decisions with clear, transparent monthly reporting and analysis.

If you’re looking for a trust-worthy digital marketing partner – we would highly recommend WMT, they bring innovative thinking and results-driven strategies, which over the years has greatly help increase our client base and long-term revenue potential.”

Dr. Adam Tan, Georgian Dental


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