Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic search engine optimization is the most cost effective way of increasing leads, sales and traffic to your website over other digital marketing channels.

Getting Started with SEO

Optimizing an Existing Site or a Site Rebuild?

Where you're starting - i.e. working on an existing site, creating a new site, or doing a site redesign, dictates where you start with SEO.

Existing sites will almost always start with a site audit. The audit process is critical in order to know what needs to be fixed. The audit includes running scans, examining the backend, reviewing GA and GSC, conducting an analysis and documenting recommended solutions to address all the issues uncovered during the audit. 

If you're planning on redesigning your website, we'll work with your developer (or we can pull in our developers), to ensure all the important SEO elements are being baked in from the beginning, from critical migration elements like 301 redirects, structural elements like IA optimization (URLs & navigation text), core page content creation/optimization, and basics like META tags, H1 optimization and more.

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SEO Site Audits

Understanding the Issues

WMT Site Audits provide a proven methodology of defining best in class practices for increasing organic search performance. While we start with your website, our focus is on all of your digital channels and all audience touch-points. Our goal is to identify issues that are essential to optimizing your website and increasing domain authority and exposure.

The audit not only identifies problems, but also delivers detailed recommendations to the issues we find during the audit. These recommendations will address high priority, low-hanging, easy to implement elements, as well as more complex issues that may require highly technical development modifications. The audit process involves not only identifying issues from an SEO standpoint, but because today’s search engines also look at usability, conversion data and social media metrics as indicators of a site’s general popularity, the audit also includes reviewing all pertinent social media channels and communications as well.

WMT will provide complete transparency to all the audit items and required tasks. The prioritized tasks will be accompanied by detailed estimates that can be executed by WMT, the client, or collaboratively.

Building SEO into a Rebuild/Redesign

If you’re already going to be redesigning or replatforming your site this is the best way to integrate SEO as we’re able to build SEO into the site from the ground up, customizing code as things are being built.

While we’re platform agnostic, we are experienced with WordPress, Shopify, as well as enterprise level systems like Shopify Plus, IBM WebSphere, Oracle ATG & SuiteCommerce, BigCommerce, and more.  As a result of this experience we’re also able to provide evaluations based on your requirements and the functional limitations of the platform, so you can make sure that you’re committing to the right infrastructure.

Regardless of the platform, building SEO into it is easier during development, as we are able to customize how the backend functions properly, without having to use hacks and band-aid fixes to get the system to do what we need it to. It also allows us to work with your entire team and get everyone to understand the importance of SEO and how it needs to be a core element of the site, not an after-thought.

As part of the redesign process we’ll make sure your site has the two pillars of SEO; Technical & On Page Elements integrated properly – some examples include:

  • Multiple country sites and associated duplicate content concerns (HREFlang tagging)
  • Functional XML sitemap for Google Search Console
  • Properly functioning and logical canonicalization for dealing with product variations
  • IA optimization (navigation text & URLs)
  • Dynamic product META tagging and image optimization
  • Optimizing page layouts
  • Content creation & optimization and interlinking

If you’re planning a redesign or are looking to make significant improvements to your website to help with SEO, user experience and conversion rates, then we can help on all fronts.

Turnkey SEO Solutions

No Internal Resources? No Problem.

If you don’t have the internal resources to allocate to the project, WMT offers turnkey SEO services, that include conducting our SEO Site Audit, creating the prioritized master task list plan and providing all the implementation resources.

From development to solve technical issues, design resources where required, to copywriting services to create compelling, highly optimized content along with complete oversight and project management by our team of senior, highly experienced SEO experts.

All projects are run in a highly organized and efficient way – projects at WMT never fall apart due to poor project management, a common problem in our industry. We execute accurately and can ramp up capacity quickly for large scale projects.

SEO Collaboration

Shared Implementation Solutions

One of the most common and cost effective ways to implement SEO improvements, is to share the workload.

This can be structured however you’d like – with you doing all of the heavy lifting, i.e. development work, content creation, etc… and WMT providing oversight, or by strategically selecting what work items are assigned to us, and what items you own - whatever works best for your particular situation.

This allows you to leverage internal resources and minimizes how many hours are needed by us – reducing costs significantly.

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Content Marketing & Strategy

Improve SEO, Social & User Experience

While content is still definitely king in the world of SEO, it's also a critical component of social media campaigns and overall user experience.  A well thought out content plan will result in improved organic search rankings, increased social media engagement, and an improved overall user experience (and conversion rates), regardless of what vertical you’re involved in.

And today’s content isn’t just text based – it’s video and graphical too. Users want and demand video to better understand products and services, and graphical elements like infographics help convey difficult complex information, easily & quickly – as well as being shareable on social media platforms.

From an SEO perspective content is vital, it’s the fuel that powers organic search performance. WMT is able to help with strategy and planning, as well as execution and implementation, that will help see your organic search performance skyrocket, increasing brand exposure, generating leads, and driving sales.

Ongoing SEO Campaign Management

Growing the Channel

Once we’ve worked through all the initial site fixes, we shift gears to ongoing maintenance, which typically includes:

Manual Site Review

Manually go through key sections of the site looking for any issues or errors with on-page content and coding.

Monthly Site Scans

Full site scans, used to identify any potential server related errors and issues before they become a problem with search engines (or users).

Google Search Console

Reviewing GSC data to find and address any issues with crawling & indexing.

SEM Rush 

Setting up account and utilizing data for general analysis, keyword ranking changes, backlink monitoring and more.

Monthly Reporting

All campaigns include a custom SEO reporting dashboard that feature our analysis summary followed by dynamic widgets pulling in metrics from GA, GSC, FB and other sources. 

Google Analytics 

Conducting analysis of GA and other data to find areas of opportunity and assess general SEO performance.

Content Creation 

This can include a variety of content creation initiatives, from high quality blog posts, to video and graphical content creation used on the website and social media channels.

Responding to Adhoc Requests

Things come up throughout the month and we’re here to help support you.  These can include making minor changes to the site, or other aspects of the campaign.

Monthly Update Meetings 

All our campaigns include at least 1, 1hr conference call with key team members to go through monthly reporting, clearing any potential roadblocks, and reviewing new recommendations we’ve uncovered.  Larger campaigns can include weekly or bi-weekly touchpoint meetings as well.

Project Management 

Never to be overlooked - PM for us includes managing all the monthly tasks to ensure things are happening when they should, as well as all forms of communication throughout the month.

Video Optimization

Maximize ROI of Video Production

Anyone who’s had video created understands the production costs involved, they aren’t cheap to make. That’s why you need to make sure that you’re squeezing every last drop of performance out of your video content. It always amazes us when we look at videos that clearly cost thousands to produce that are missing basic optimization elements that would have added very little to the overall cost to optimize properly from the beginning.

We can help with video optimization and production services that will expose your brand to 10 times the number of potential users.  

Video Optimization - YouTube

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