Case Study: The Low Carb Grocery

Growing the organic search channel and creating a monster paid search campaign

The Low Carb Grocery offers quality specialty health foods to Canadians from coast to coast, with multiple storefront locations and a robust e-commerce website. The Low Carb Grocery focuses its product selection on items specifically made for low carbohydrate and ketogenic diets, as well as for dietary considerations related to sugar intake, carbohydrate intake, and other health needs.

Client Challenges

In a rapidly growing market driven by widespread adoption of low carb and keto diets among health-conscious Canadians, The Low Carb Grocery wanted to improve their SEO to gain more organic traffic from search engines, as well as overhaul existing SEM campaigns that were struggling to produce a significant ROI.

The Strategy

WMT developed a plan to help The Low Carb Grocery meet their digital marketing objectives focused on these essential strategies:

Gain organic search ranks and traffic for the most relevant core business keywords

Improve the efficiency of paid search campaigns to gain revenue & new customers

Devise an ongoing content strategy to boost SEO authority and reinforce trust

Scope of Work

At the onset of the project, SEO cleanup of the website was determined to be the most critical task. To identify precisely which search engine optimization tactics were in greatest need, a comprehensive SEO audit was conducted. This included a complete top-to-bottom site scan to pinpoint back-end errors and any other missing SEO elements on the website. From there, a sequential plan was put in place to correct these issues, improve the overall SEO health of the website, and boost rankings for the most prominent keywords and phrases.

While the SEO component was underway, paid search campaigns were analyzed and a revised SEM strategy was developed. A new campaign structure was created for The Low Carb Grocery, focused on supporting core SEO keywords and acquiring a greater portion of search interest around related terms, as well as specific brands, individual products, and popular categories. Building on the success of the SEM and SEO components of the project, an ongoing content marketing plan was put in place, and was complemented with social media.

Strategies, Tactics & KPI's

Planning & Strategy

WMT focused efforts for The Low Carb Grocery using these strategies:

  • SEO strategy proceeded with a sequential site clean-up, ensuring all pages followed established SEO best practices, and on-page content was to be optimized to reinforce overall search engine authority for a core set of the most relevant and valuable keywords related to low carb products.
  • SEM account was overhauled and reorganized to simplify account management and improve the efficiency of all campaigns. The updated paid search account focused on driving shoppers with high purchase intent, as well as first-time visitors, to the most relevant landing pages within the site.
  • Social Media and Content Marketing efforts focused on delivering high-value content built around core SEO keywords and phrases, intended to engage and educate customers, encourage product exploration, and influence purchases.

Methods & Tactics

SEO Tactics:

  • Consistent formatting of all back-end SEO elements & code clean-up
  • Proper optimization of all on-page copy and image elements
  • Regularly scheduled site scans to proactively address potential issues
  • Ongoing SEO updates & maintenance to back-end and on-page elements
  • Monthly deep-dive analysis to identify areas of opportunity & monitor progress

SEM Tactics

  • Streamline the account structure by simplifying campaign & ad group organization
  • Overhaul keyword list to refine core term targeting as well as products & brands
  • Implement audience lists and retargeting to more effectively regain past visitors
  • Continual optimization of campaign settings, bids, location targeting, and keywords
  • Regular analysis and monthly reporting of performance and new opportunities

Social Media & Content Tactics:

  • Continual creation of high-value content with an SEO-first approach
  • Distribution of content through established social media channels
  • Optimize content for conversions, product exploration, and purchase influence

KPI's - Measuring Success

A critical element of any digital marketing plan is accurate measurement, reporting, and analysis of results. WMT provides in-depth monthly reports on SEO, SEM, and Social/Content activities, delivering complete transparency on current activities, upcoming actions, and business results.

  • Organic search marketing reports include detailed performance data on keyword rank growth, traffic trends, conversion results, landing page performance, and more.
  • Paid search marketing reports cover revenue generation results, recent optimizations and account changes, and overall ROI performance of SEM campaigns.
  • Social media and content performance reporting, included as part of the overall SEO report, highlights organic search impact of content assets and social traffic.

It's All in the Results

Organic Search Growth - Annually From 2015 to 2019

The aggressive SEO strategies that WMT brought to The Low Carb Grocery have generated significant growth in organic search traffic each year.

Paid Search - Annually From 2015 to 2019

Paid search revenue has risen dramatically as campaigns have been refined and tuned for maximum ROI.

The Low Carb Grocery - In Their Own Words

The success of our business hinges on the effectiveness of our digital marketing strategy. Thanks to WMT, we are winning in the digital space with powerful SEO and SEM campaigns that really work to drive sales and bring new customers in.

Without a doubt, WMT has elevated our position in search engines and helped us grow our business the right way. They’re always clear and transparent about their recommendations, and have the research and data to back them up. WMT is a key part of our business, and one of the reasons The Low Carb Grocery is Canada’s preferred source for low carb and keto health foods online.

Justine Yip, Owner of The Low Carb Grocery


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