Paid Search - New Accounts & Rebuilds

New accounts built for performance - existing accounts overhauled & optimized.

When starting out for the first time in paid search, it’s important to begin with a well-structured account built on a solid foundation of SEM best practices. For companies that are already participating in paid search, there are many benefits to be gained from a refresh or overhaul of your existing paid search account. WMT brings decades of experience in SEM account creation and optimization to you, ensuring you’re positioned for success, right from day 1.

Getting Started with Paid Search

End-to-end setup of new Google Ads accounts

Getting started in Paid Search with a brand new Google account means you’re kicking things off with a clean slate. We’ll work with you to ensure your paid search account starts out with all the essential components in place and all the settings are configured based on your requirements.

WMT follows the critical best practices that are needed to create a solid SEM account, including administrative settings, user permissions, billing details, links to analytics tools and other connected accounts, as well as all general preferences.

From there, we proceed to setup the campaign and ad group structure based on your business type, product and/or service categories, the competitive environment, and your unique strategic goals. We understand that you may have many different targets you are aiming for, each campaign be custom-built to successfully hit each of those targets.

We ensure that each campaign and its individual ad groups are organized to achieve specific objectives that fall in line with your overarching SEM strategy from the moment the account goes live.

Thorough clean-up of existing Google Ads accounts

For paid search accounts that are currently active, or are on-hold in a dormant state, an account rebuild is the answer. From a general refresh of the account to a total overhaul from the ground up, your SEM account rebuild will be customized specifically to meet your needs. WMT possesses extensive knowledge of Google Ads and Bing Ads paid search platforms. 

Using our comprehensive list of essential setup and configuration steps, we review each and every setting of your existing SEM account to identify critical issues that must be corrected, optimizations to improve performance, and new opportunities to take advantage of.

SEM account rebuilds offer the advantage of retaining historical performance data while reorganizing the structure, making ongoing management more efficient and focusing efforts on the campaigns, ad groups, keywords, audiences, locations, and demographics that are proven to be the most valuable for your business.

An account rebuild is also the best time to revisit conversion tracking settings, goal configurations, and landing page experiences. With your SEM account cleaned up and running more efficiently, it’s essential to review your conversion paths and user experiences to make sure they are properly optimized for the new account structure.


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Paid Search - What's Included

Complete SEM account setup from campaigns to keywords & everything in between

All new accounts & rebuilds include:
  • Setup & verification of general settings & preference
  • Business details, billing information & user access
  • Linked accounts incl. Google Analytics, Search Console, et al.
  • Keyword list review, refinement & expansion
  • Campaign types, organization & ad group structure
  • Ad copy, display creative & ad extensions
  • Targeting settings, locations, demographics & device types
  • Campaign budgets, bid settings, strategies & modifiers
  • Goal setup & conversion tracking configuration

Working with WMT - What To Expect

Custom SEM accounts, crafted specifically for your unique business

WMT keeps you regularly informed on the progress of your account throughout the process of building it out, and ensures that you have total clarity on all deliverables. Once the setup and configuration of your SEM account is complete, regardless of whether it’s a new account or a rebuild, WMT can provide any level of ongoing support that your business needs.

The choice is yours on how you move forward with your new SEM account. WMT can take the helm and manage all your paid search campaigns, or we can hand over total control of the account to your internal team. We also offer the flexibility to work side-by-side with your internal team in the manner that works best for your business. We’re always here to help, in whatever way you need us.


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New Account & Rebuild Deliverables

Delivering the foundation you need to build successful paid search campaigns

WMT will deliver a complete SEM account that is ready to launch immediately. In addition, you’ll also receive the account structure roadmap, keyword lists, and other framework documentation that details the logic behind the design of campaigns, ad groups, and targeting configuration, along with many other account setup specifics.

Once your account is completed and ready for you to take ownership, WMT will arrange a web conference complete with screenshare for you and your team to review the entire account from top to bottom. We will provide total clarity on all account elements, campaign details, and targeting settings to ensure all of your questions are answered.


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