Paid Search Account Audits

Intelligent analysis & critical insights for your SEM campaigns

SEM audits deliver valuable insights for businesses of all types to maximize the impact of their paid search efforts. B2B companies can use the information obtained from an SEM audit to increase lead generation and improve lead quality. B2C businesses can utilize the insights provided in an audit to drive more sales and raise the ROI of their campaigns. No matter the objective of your SEM campaigns, a complete SEM audit from WMT will help you boost performance and get more out of every click.

How WMT Audits Work

Using a data-driven approach to reveal the optimum SEM strategy

Competitive analysis, understand your business in great detail, set goals and objectives

Your SEM campaigns may have served you well in the past, but there’s always room for improvement. The problem lies in being able to precisely identify the elements of your SEM strategy that offer the greatest opportunities for increased efficiency, higher conversion rates, and improved ROI. With a complete SEM audit from WMT, you’ll get those answers.

When we conduct an SEM audit, we analyze every facet of your existing paid search campaigns, your competitive environment, and all historical metrics to form a clear picture of the current state of your PPC account and exactly how it’s been working. With an SEM audit from WMT, you’ll have the solid foundation you need to unleash the full potential of paid search.


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Why Would You Want an SEM Audit?

76% of the Average Google Ad Budget is Wasted

61% of Avg Ad Spend is Spent on Keywords That Do Not Convert

57% of Accounts Do NOT Have Tracking Set Up Properly

What's Included in the Audit Process?

 Reveal wasted ad spend, zero conversion issues and improve overall health & performance

Your SEM audit begins with a thorough examination and refinement of your keyword lists. The right keywords are the basic building blocks of any successful search strategy, and will determine much of the campaign structure, so it’s critical to get these keyword lists accurately defined at the very beginning of the audit process.

Campaigns are analyzed in detail, including keyword alignment and match type usage, negative keywords, ad copy & creative, location targeting, ad schedules, audience definitions, CPC settings, bid modifiers, and overall campaign level bid strategies. In addition, landing pages are evaluated from both a user-experience and conversion optimization best practice perspective.

SEM Audits include analysis of:

  • Business environment & competitive conditions
  • Keyword lists, match types, & negative keywords
  • Admin settings, time zone, currency, language
  • Account links, Google Analytics, Search Console
  • Campaign structure & ad group organization
  • Ad copy, display creative & extensions
  • CPC settings, bid strategies & campaign budgets
  • Delivery configuration & network selection
  • Geographic targeting & location restrictions
  • Demographic, mobile device, schedule modifiers
  • Audiences & retargeting/remarketing
  • Conversion tracking & goal configuration
  • Landing page experience & calls-to-action

What to Expect with the SEM Audit Process

An SEM action plan customized specifically for your business goals

During the audit process, you will be regularly informed on progress, and notified of any urgent issues that are uncovered which may require immediate attention. When your SEM audit is delivered, WMT will arrange for an interactive web conference to walk you through the findings and review all elements with you from end-to-end. We want to ensure that all of your questions are answered to your complete satisfaction.

With your SEM audit complete, you will now be properly equipped with the guidance and recommendations needed to deploy a robust and powerful paid search campaign, crafted specifically to meet your unique business goals and outpace even the most aggressive competition. An SEM audit from WMT will empower you to leverage your PPC campaigns with greater effectiveness than ever.


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PPC Audit Deliverables

Essential details and insight for a high performance SEM account

Included in your SEM audit documentation will be all the critical insights and recommendations needed to implement a powerful paid search strategy that will deliver the results your business demands.

The final report features:

  • An executive summary of the audit
  • Full details on all findings
  • Recommendations for each element
  • Supporting data organized for quick and easy reference

With an SEM audit from WMT, you’ll possess valuable guidance on where the greatest opportunities exist, and how to best leverage your budget and resources in order to capitalize on them for maximum effect. With the complete picture of your paid search now in perfect focus, your business will be ready to win.

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Implementation Options

Customized SEM implementation to suit your requirements

At WMT there are no ‘off-the-shelf’ or ‘cookie-cutter’ SEM plans that are used for multiple clients, because we believe your marketing should be as unique as your business. WMT is ready to take control of your paid search campaigns and ongoing management. If you have an internal team and resources available to take on SEM, we can provide as much or as little support as they need. You can also opt for a blended approach where our team and your internal team work together in harmony. The choice is yours.

WMT will provide an optimized set of implementation recommendations designed to suit your business objectives, taking into consideration your existing resources and internal team bandwidth. Our goal is to ensure that your SEM campaigns run smoothly and integrate seamlessly with your digital marketing strategy.


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