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Expand your reach, engage your audience, and drive business results with powerful and dynamic social media marketing strategies.

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Powerful social media strategies proven to generate positive business impact

Social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and others are extremely powerful ways to reach customers with valuable, engaging content. However, it takes a well-defined strategy to truly make the most of these platforms and generate the positive results that separate your social media efforts from the crowd.

WMT brings extensive experience, data-driven insights, and hands-on management to you in order to create and maintain an effective social media strategy that will propel your business and brand to success. WMT works to craft your social media presence to synergize with your other digital marketing efforts for maximum benefit.

Solutions for Organic and Paid Social Media

Valuable expertise in both organic social media and paid social media

Organic social media marketing relies on the engagement and passion of your fans and followers to generate results. This involves planning & creating a social media content calendar that aligns with your overall digital strategy and keeps your brand positioned front and center among your most valuable social media fans and followers.

Along with a comprehensive social media calendar, WMT works to create engaging social posts that will attract new high-quality followers and boost the influence of your brand in social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and many others. All organic social media efforts are tracked and monitored using a combination of powerful analytics tools, and you’ll receive detailed performance reports on the results that your organic social media efforts are achieving.

Successful Social Media Marketing

Success using paid social media advertising tactics depends on precisely delivering valuable messages to a highly relevant audience, at the most ideal times, and in formats that engage those users effectively. WMT handles all aspects of paid social media from account setup, targeting optimization, ad creation, and ongoing management.

WMT leverages the best social media platforms based on the nature of your business, demographics and behavioural characteristics of your customers & the mechanics of each social channel. Whether your business is best suited to advertising on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any other channel, WMT has the expertise to make your paid social media campaigns really work to drive results.

All WMT paid social campaigns are tracked from end-to-end and you’ll receive detailed reports with total clarity on how your paid social efforts are working to drive business results.

SMM Audits

Detailed analysis & insightful recommendations to define your social strategy

A social media audit is an essential element of any effective social strategy. It highlights the pros and cons of each social media channel as they specifically relate to your business, your audience & your industry. Not all social media channels will work equally well for all businesses, so it’s critical to identify the best social platforms for you.

Your existing social media channels will be put under the microscope and carefully analyzed to identify what’s working and what’s not. WMT uses data from multiple sources including native social media analytics, GA and others to create a complete view of your social media performance in order to determine the best path forward.

Profile Creation and Rebuilds

Start out on social media right or overhaul & optimize existing social accounts

Setting up an optimized social media profile goes beyond having a nice profile picture, and WMT helps you make the most of every element when creating a new profile on any social media platform. Your new profile will be on-brand & optimized for discoverability. WMT ensures your social media profiles will be unmistakable.

If your existing social media profiles are in need of a refresher, or a complete rebuild, WMT’s team of social media experts can help. We’ll go through every detail of your social media profiles and ensure they are 100% optimized and aligned with your brand. Your social media presence will be clean and ready to meet your goals.

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Competitor Analysis & Strategy

Detailed insights and strategic social media guidance to surpass competition

No business operates in a vacuum, so having a detailed understanding of how competitors are engaging in social media is essential to crafting an effective social media strategy. WMT will conduct a deep-dive on your main competition, and identify competitors vying for your audiences’ attention that you may not be aware of yet.

You’ll receive comprehensive analysis on competitor activity on social media, including how users are engaging with them, their most effective platforms, and the types of content that are generating the most activity for them. WMT will define exactly where your business stands, and help you surpass competition to win in social media.

Ongoing Social Management

Continual improvement and valuable optimizations for social media growth

Social media audiences thrive when they are nurtured and provided with valuable, engaging content. WMT’s social media experts will work in sync with you to develop a strategic social calendar, social media training, and hands-on social media management to ensure your audience grows and remains engaged around your brand.

WMT provides detailed analysis, comprehensive reporting, and total transparency in to your social media performance. You’ll know exactly what’s driving business results, and we will continually optimize your social media accounts, campaigns, and social content calendars to drive business results and social media success.

Social Media Advertising

Get in front of your social media audience today & start gaining conversions

Social advertising offers extensive reach and precision targeting that can get your business in front of the most valuable audiences for immediate impact. WMT’s strategic approach to social media advertising maximizes every dollar of your budget to deliver the greatest return-on-investment from all of your social media campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to get the greatest reach out of your social media posts, gain valuable new followers for your business, or drive precision-targeted traffic back to your website, WMT has the knowledge & expertise to get it done. Unlock the power of social media advertising with WMT today and achieve your business objectives.

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