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Optimizing your paid search campaigns for maximum ROI takes patience, knowledge, and the right approach to SEM strategy. Our collection of helpful blog articles offer direction, insight, and clarity on the most powerful paid search campaign strategies and tactics, and guide you through how your business can leverage them to improve results and get more out of each and every SEM click through to your website and landing pages.


Big PPC Keyword Data Transparency Changes

SEM advertisers depend on search term insights to guide and optimize their Google Ads campaigns, however a recent change announced by Google has many marketers concerned that a valuable data point will be taken away. What the Change to Google Ads Search Term Data Means for Paid Search Advertisers One…

SEM Performance Warning Signs & What Action to Take

Common SEM Account Performance Problems & What You Should Do to Fix Them If you’re not an experienced SEM account management professional, it can be difficult to really know for certain if your paid search efforts are working the way they should, or if they’re optimized for maximum performance. There…