Social Media Management

Maximize SMM performance with expert ongoing management & optimization

Maximizing your social media marketing efforts requires careful attention and strategic thinking on how to effectively grow your audience, nurture engagement among them, and balance your content mix for greatest impact. WMT provides complete social media management services, detailed performance analysis, and powerful optimizations to ensure your social media continues to deliver amazing results for your business.

WMT’s Approach to SMM Management

Strategic execution of social media marketing, performance analysis & critical optimizations

WMT is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to achieve success in SMM, and that includes comprehensive management of all your social media platforms. We provides strategic content calendars, audience nurturing, response & engagement, analysis, reporting, and ongoing social media marketing optimizations. WMT also manages paid social media ad campaigns to boost performance and ROI.

Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other social media platform, WMT has the experience your business needs to take things to the next level. We’ll help you grow your audience by attracting the most valuable fans, engage them with high-value content, and analyze the results to obtain the insights needed to tune the dials for even better performance from SMM.


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What’s Included with SMM Management Services

Everything you need to maintain a strong and engaging social media presence

Ongoing Social Media Management Services include:

  • Social content calendar creation & management
  • Post creation, scheduling, & audience engagement
  • Social media promotion planning & alignment
  • Audience nurturing & engagement services
  • Manual & automated content curation & distribution
  • Performance reporting, analysis, recommendations

WMT works with you to find the optimum balance between our social media experts and your internal team to ensure your social media marketing activities run smoothly, move ahead on schedule, and are optimized for maximum impact. We provide social content calendars, promotion planning, content creation, audience engagement, manual or automated content curation, channel optimizations, and regular performance reporting so you’ll always know how your SMM campaigns are working to drive business results.

What to Expect from WMT SMM Management

Grow your community, attract the most relevant fans & build strong relationships

Our goal in providing social media management services is to achieve a completely seamless experience for your fans to engage around your brand. Your followers are accustomed to the pace and quality of your social media activity, so we work to maintain and enhance these critical factors. We’ll deliver consistency to your social channels and align SMM efforts across all platforms, ensuring they sync with your other digital marketing activities for maximum effectiveness.


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Essential Social Media Reporting & Analysis

Data & insights to outperform in rapidly-changing social media environments

Social media is in a constant state of evolution, and you need to understand exactly what’s happening in each of the different platforms in order to adapt & adjust to these changing conditions.

WMT provides extensive analysis of your social media performance, audience behaviour, and content engagement trends. Your SMM reports will include detailed insights and valuable recommendations that you can leverage immediately to get even better results from your social campaigns.

Customized Social Media Management Plans

Social marketing support, perfectly customized to suit your business

Flexible social media plans, that range from complete turn-key solutions, that include complete end-to-end management of all your ongoing social media tasks. Or if you're simply looking to support your existing internal social media team with ad hoc content creation and posting, ad campaign setups, guidance and training or any other service as needed.

WMT’s social media experts can also work in tandem with your team, taking on critical tasks and giving your team enhanced flexibility.  We’re here to support you in the way that brings your business the greatest benefits from social media marketing.


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