Online Grocery Retailer Social Media Marketing Case Study: LCG

Acquiring passionate fans and expanding the reach of high-value content

Within Canada, the low carb diet is extremely popular among health-conscious people from coast to coast. These individuals have a high level of passion for the low carb lifestyle, which presented a great opportunity for The Low Carb Grocery in social media. With WMT’s help, a powerful social media and content marketing strategy was deployed to attract and engage these individuals.

Client Challenges

Low carb dieters are a particularly passionate and engaged group of consumers. They are eager to share new products, delicious recipes, and all kinds of tips for living a healthy, low carb lifestyle, making social media a very effective tool for reaching them and engaging with them. The Low Carb Grocery was present in several social media channels, but fan acquisition and activity had stalled. They needed a plan to reinvigorate their social media community and attract new fans, and so The Low Carb Grocery turned to the experts at WMT.

Building engagement on social media is no small feat, and once you achieve this goal, maintaining the pace and delivering on fan expectations can be a daunting task. The Low Carb Grocery needed a clean and optimized Facebook page, a steady flow of high-value content to share, and a plan for precisely targeting the most valuable and relevant individuals on Facebook to convert them into fans.

Campaign Objectives

The Low Carb Grocery had three major social media objectives:

Revitalize and optimize The Low Carb Grocery’s Facebook page and profile

Publish high-value content & apply targeted boosts to extend reach

Implement a campaign to acquire relevant Canadian fans & followers

Scope of Work

The first step towards social media success was to refresh and optimize the Facebook page for The Low Carb Grocery. This involved a variety of changes, from simple updates such as a new cover photo and properly formatted profile logo, to keyword optimizations of the page’s description, product lists, company bio, and other elements that would help the page gain visibility in the built-in Facebook search engine. In addition, the analytics and tracking settings were reviewed and updated to ensure accurate data flow between Facebook and Google Analytics.

Once the Facebook page had been properly optimized and cleaned up, a structured content schedule was put together that incorporated a blend of existing content from The Low Carb Grocery’s blog and website, along with curated third-party content from recipe bloggers, YouTube channels, and brands that was high in value for low carb dieters.

The next step involved WMT helping The Low Carb Grocery develop an ongoing content marketing plan that featured original insightful articles and valuable advice for low carb and keto dieters. This long-form, SEO-optimized content was published and shared through The Low Carb Grocery’s Facebook page, and boosted to extend the reach and increase visibility of this fresh, original content.

To bolster the impact of these efforts, as well as to help set the stage for ongoing growth and future success, WMT also implemented an ongoing ‘Fan Generator’ campaign. This campaign was custom-built to specifically target Canadians that fit the demographic and lifestyle criteria of The Low Carb Grocery’s core audience, and draw them in with engaging content to convert them in to dedicated fans.

Strategies, Tactics & KPI's

Planning & Strategy

WMT approached the social media strategy for The Low Carb Grocery using three core strategies:

  • Optimization of the Facebook page to ensure visibility in search and alignment with current brand messaging and themes. This would provide the foundation for all Facebook marketing activity moving forward.
  • Increased frequency of content publishing on Facebook, focused on quality content from existing resources, fresh new blog content, and curated third-party content sources to establish a consistent stream of engaging and valuable information.
  • New fan acquisition campaign dedicated to expanding the Facebook audience of The Low Carb Grocery, and gaining a significantly larger volume of engaged users looking for guidance, advice, recipes, and other related content around the low carb lifestyle.

Methods & Tactics

Profile Optimization Tactics:

  • Updates of brand messaging, graphics, and imagery to align with other digital marketing campaign elements
  • Optimization of profile data to boost visibility in social media search for core keywords

Social Publishing Tactics:

  • Scheduled content sharing at a consistent rate to strengthen awareness among fans
  • Combination of internal content resources and third-party curated content
  • Focus on value and utility, with an emphasis on SEO-optimized content
  • Boosting original content to gain greater impact through increased visibility

Social Audience Growth Tactics:

  • Precision demographic targeting of users within Canada for maximum relevancy
  • Ongoing optimization and adjustment of targeting criteria to boost results

KPI's - Measuring Success

As SEO changes and optimizations were implemented across the PinkCherry website, close attention was paid to the impact on organic search performance to ensure that things were headed in the right direction. Although SEO improvements can take substantial time to start showing a positive shift to organic traffic, PinkCherry achieved SEO traffic significant growth in less than a year.

  • SEO traffic was closely monitored, and upward trends in organic traffic were first observed in just two months after the SEO project was initiated
  • Organic new user growth was closely monitored to ensure that optimization efforts were attracting a greater ratio of first-time shoppers
  • Organic search revenue was monitored to confirm that customers driven to the site from SEO efforts were positively impacting sales performance

It's All in the Results

With a consistent social media publishing plan in place, and strong emphasis put on the importance of high-value content, WMT helped The Low Carb Grocery attract an increasing number of engaged, passionate fans to the Facebook page.

Total Facebook Fan Growth – Sept 2018 to Mar 2020:

In addition, thanks to the focused Fan Generator advertising campaign, growth of Canadian fans took off and achieved significant gains in a very short period of time.

Growth of Canadian Facebook Fans:

The Low Carb Grocery - In Their Own Words

“If you want to win in social media, you’ve got to share great content that keeps your fans coming back for more. With the content strategy that WMT helped us with, we’ve really increased the value of our articles and our audience is growing. We’re focused on educating our customers and giving them useful information that helps them get the most out of the low carb lifestyle, and we’re seeing great results!

Before we started this social media campaign, growth of our audience had totally stalled. Once WMT began working their magic, we started to see growth of hundreds of new relevant and engaged Canadian fans coming to our page each month. Our articles, recipes, and low carb diet tips are now reaching further than ever before, and our fans are more active. It’s exactly what we needed!”

Justine Yip, Owner of The Low Carb Grocery


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