SEO Audits

Find, fix and repair complex SEO issues with your website

In order to know what’s wrong with your site we need to conduct an audit. How complicated this process needs to be will be dictated by the complexity of your website and what platform you’re using to power it. Regardless of site size and backend system, a full and thorough review is the starting point we take for optimization of all existing sites.

The WMT SEO Audit Process

Technical, on-page and off page reviews to flush out SEO opportunities

WMT splits the audit process into three buckets:

1.) Technical Elements – these include running full site scans and reviewing 4XX & 5XX server errors, checking 3XX redirects, checking site speed, navigation optimization, page name & image optimization, schema markup (reviews, etc…), HREFlang country tagging, XML sitemap, CMS review and more.

2.) On Page Elements – this primarily focuses on what you’re doing with content on the site – is there any potential for duplicate content with products (if applicable), has the content been optimized properly for your target keywords, as well as reviewing usability, design & conversion touch points.

3.) Off Page Elements – this includes reviewing your backlinks, both good & bad, and reviewing your social media channels to see if you’ve been leveraging them from an SEO perspective, and looking at your Google My Business (local search) profile to ensure one exists, and that there aren’t any issues.


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What’s Included in an SEO Audit

Getting to the bottom of your organic search problems

WMT Site Audits provide a proven methodology for optimizing organic search performance. While we start with the domain, our focus is on all of your digital channels and all audience touchpoints where interactions occur. Our goal is to identify issues with key elements that we know are essential to optimizing your website and increasing performance.

The audit doesn’t just identify the problems, it also includes detailed recommendations. These address immediate high priority items and low-hanging, easy to implement elements, as well as more complex issues. Our audits address issues not only from an SEO standpoint, but because today’s search engines also look at usability, conversion and social media metrics as indicators of a site’s general popularity, we also include reviewing all pertinent social media channels and potential conversion issues as well.

SEO audits include:

Technical Components On Page Components Off Page Components

Technical Components

  • Site Scan
  • 4XX, 5XX Server Errors & 3XX Redirects
  • Other HTML Issues
  • Directory Structures, Navigation & Categorization
  • Page Naming Conventions
  • Image Naming Conventions
  • XML/HTML Sitemaps Reviews
  • Google Webmaster Tools Review
  • Basic Google Analytics Account Review
  • Server Speed and Uptime
  • Content Management System Review
  • Includes Estimate on Implementation

On Page Components

  • Keyword List Review (if available)
  • META Tag Review
  • Duplicate and Missing META Titles & Descriptions
  • Layouts & Formatting of Templates
  • Website Content Issues
  • Internal Linking Issues
  • Usability & Design Issues
  • Conversion Points
  • Includes Estimate on Implementation

Off Page Components

  • Link Profile Review
  • General Social Media Review (active channels)
  • Google My Business Review
  • Google Analytics & Search Console Review
  • Includes Estimate on Implementation

SEO Audits - What to Expect

100-400% Increases in organic traffic are common

You can expect massive improvements in organic traffic levels – it’s common to see 100-400% YoY increases (or more, depending on what we find).  To get here, we’ll need to work together on implementing our recommendations. The more we’re able to do, the better the results. 

Once all the recommendations have been implemented, the results will be optimized channels that are best of class, and a strategic communications roadmap that not only generates substantially more traffic, but converts this traffic more effectively and efficiently, improving the overall brand impression, increasing lead generation, and providing a very real, substantial return on investment.


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SEO Audit Deliverables

Providing you with a clear organic strategy & roadmap

Our audits are much more than us conducting a review of your website, and emailing you a giant list of problems for you to sort out. WMT audits are more of a roadmap to success for your organic channel.  Every single issue we identify has our recommended solution(s), with issues listed in order of ROI so it’s easy to see what items are more important.

When the audit documentation is complete, we arrange for a mutually convenient time for a screenshare and conference call to walk you through our findings and suggested recommendations. We take the time to explain and expand on issues and answer any questions your team may have. During this call we also discuss implementation options.

With over 20 years conducting SEO audits, we’ve learned a thing or two.

SEO Implementation Options

Turnkey, shared & collaborative task execution

Once WMT has completed the SEO Audit, a robust, detailed document is delivered, which presents a prioritized list of all the issues identified in the audit process, along with very specific solutions to each issue. From there, we’ll agree on how to handle implementing the recommendations, which can include one of three options:

Internal Implementation

Using the Audit documentation as your roadmap, your team implements everything internally, with no support from WMT.

Turnkey Implementation

You select the items to implement from the Audit and WMT handles the entire implementation process.

Shared Implementation

WMT and the client will work collaboratively, with WMT implementing certain work items, and the internal team implementing others.

Once your team has selected the implementation model and determined actual task responsibility, a separate estimate for implementation and project management efforts will be provided.


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