Video Optimization

Optimizing video to maximize user engagement & return on investment

Video content optimization goes beyond adding meta tag data, today it’s also about the story and message you’re telling, how often you’re releasing videos, where you’re sharing them and more.  Making sure all of these elements are “optimized” is what will drive ROI.

Video Marketing Success

Understand the Fundamentals

Video is one of the most influential communication methods at your disposal. YouTube, Facebook & Instagram, as well as mobile device improvements have made it easier for people to consume video content.

While we all are aware of the importance of video in our marketing efforts, many companies are hesitant to get involved, usually because someone over complicates things which inflates the production costs, pricing it outside of all but large enterprise sized organizations.  Not all videos have to cost thousands of dollars to produce.  No, you don’t want to be putting out video that reflects badly on your brand, however you also don’t have to spend a fortune to start building your library of video content.

Creativity is key.  Spend more on the strategy consulting and planning in the beginning, as this will lay the foundation for what type of video content makes sense for you to be creating. 

While the actual video production is not something WMT provides, we can work with your team and the video partner you select to ensure SEO is a fundamental element of the whole plan.


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WMT Video SEO Options

Video Planning & Strategy

Data-driven topic research and content planning designed to deliver a real SEO impact.

Without a constant flow of innovative, fresh ideas to draw from, your video content marketing plans might dry up. You need a strategic approach to topic research, driven by data to truly identify content themes that will resonate with your audience and generate a measurable impact for your business. WMT leverages a unique ‘smart content’ strategy to video content planning that aligns seasonal themes, upcoming events, trending topics, and many other data sources to craft powerful videos that will inform, educate, and entertain your audiences.

Video Optimization Tactics

Complete end-to-end optimization of video content for maximum search visibility.

Having great video content is one thing, but how do you make sure that it’s truly contributing to the overall success of your SEO strategy?

Just like every piece of written content on your site needs to be optimized for search, so do your video assets. WMT ensures that each and every piece of video content you produce is optimized for maximum search visibility.

Titles, descriptions, tags and other video elements are aligned with the most relevant keywords and phrases, and designed to provide the greatest benefit to the discover-ability of your business.

Video Promotion & Distribution

Getting your video content in front of the right audience at exactly the right time.

When you’ve got a great piece of video content ready to launch, you want to make sure that it will take off right and generate the results that you need. A critical part of video content marketing success is to ensure that your videos end up in front of the most relevant audiences in the channels that will provide the greatest impact.

WMT optimizes your video content for social media distribution, website integration, and other digital platforms, and will craft effective paid video promotion strategies to extend the reach and impact of your content.

ROI of Video Content Marketing

Strategies to help maximize the return on your video marketing assets.

Creating top-quality video content takes time and resources, so it’s essential that your video marketing strategy is designed to produce a measurable ROI for your business. This ROI must be kept top of mind during each stage of the video content development process, from the preliminary concept and planning, to execution and final distribution.

WMT works to synergize your video content with your other digital efforts across all platforms, including your website, blog, and social media channels, to deliver the greatest ROI from each video you produce.


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