Social Media Audits

Get a complete understanding of how your social media marketing is performing

SMM audits are essential health and wellness checkups for your social media marketing efforts. WMT provides detailed analysis and insights into your social media marketing performance, as well as make critical recommendations for channel and profile optimizations. With a SMM audit from WMT, you’ll be equipped to succeed with social media marketing channels of all types.

How Social Audits Work At WMT

Comprehensive analysis of your social media profiles, audience behaviour, and more

A social media audit from WMT digs deep and uncovers the real story of what’s going on in social media, because we don’t just stop at your brand pages & profiles. WMT goes further to analyze your customers’ behaviour in social media, your competitors SMM activity, and trends in your industry to give you the strategies you need to win with social media. You’ll learn how to capitalize on quick-wins and get moving towards valuable long-term social media gains.

We begin with an end-to-end review of all your social media profiles and pages, identifying areas of opportunity to enhance your profiles. Our optimization recommendations can help boost your visibility in social search, as well as add benefits for SEO. SMM audits from WMT include extensive analysis of audience behaviour, content engagement trends, key performance metrics, conversion tracking, and review of paid social media marketing campaigns.


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What's Included in an Audit?

Optimization recommendations, audience analysis, competitor insights & much more

No matter the combination of social media platforms you use, WMT has the expertise to provide a detailed optimization plan so your business can leverage these platforms more effectively. We look at each and every element of your social media presence, including organic social media and paid social media campaigns, as well as how they integrate with your other digital marketing efforts, to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations and insights to inform your SMM strategy.

Social Media Audits include analysis of:

  • Review & analysis of all social profiles, accounts & pages
  • Audience demos, behaviour & engagement trends
  • Competitor social media presence analysis
  • Paid social media advertising campaigns
  • Social performance metrics & conversion results

What You Can Expect

Forming an effective social media strategy through expert analysis of critical data

When WMT works with a client to conduct an audit of their social media strategy, we cut right through buzzwords and superficial metrics to get to the real story behind the data. You’ll receive insightful, actionable recommendations that are formed from extensive analysis of your social media activity and how your audience engages with your brand in social channels.

All recommendations are customized specifically for the unique nature of your business and the characteristics of your audience. Our goal is to guide you to the social media platforms that will have the greatest impact for your business objectives, and help you create posts and content that will truly resonate with your audience, driving them to take action. You’ll learn what to share, where to share it, and when to share it for maximum benefit to your audience and to your business.


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Social Media Audit Deliverables

Everything your business needs to refine and enhance its social media marketing approach

Included in your SMM audit documentation will be a full review of the current state of your social media presence. This consists of a detailed summary of your social media profiles & pages for completeness, consistency, and accuracy, as well as a breakdown of your audience characteristics, historical performance metrics, paid social ad account activity, and competitive environment.

Your list of social media recommendations will consist of a full set of profile optimizations and critical fixes, as well as a review of key opportunities that your business can capitalize on to improve results from all your social media marketing efforts. These opportunities will include such items as new content types, post scheduling optimizations, audience targeting criteria, as well as recommendations for alternative social media channels that offer significant marketing potential for your business.

Audit Implementation Options

Social media support options to help your business achieve its objectives

WMT is here to support your business in its social media marketing efforts, and we offer multiple implementation options based on your needs and the availability of internal resources. WMT is fully prepared to take on any level of social media implementation, from complete management of all elements of your social media, to providing strategic guidance and training for your team, and every level in between.

We are experts in working in sync with internal marketing teams, providing essential support whenever it’s needed and ensuring all of your SMM plans are executed effectively. Whatever level of support you need to deploy a winning social media marketing strategy, WMT is ready to help you move ahead and achieve your goals.


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