Social Media Profile Creation & Rebuilds

Clean, complete, and optimized social media profiles & pages for your business

Get started down the right path in social media with effective profiles, pages and channels on the social networks that are best suited to your business. WMT creates clean, fully-optimized accounts and rebuilds existing social media profiles to ensure your business is equipped with the tools needed to get the most out of your social media marketing strategies.

WMT’s Approach to Social Profile Creation

Strategic setup and optimization of social media profiles, accounts & channels on all platforms

WMT provides creation and setup of all your social channels, using clean, consistent branding and messaging for best performance.

Choosing the best social networks to market your business, connect with customers, and engage with them can be a challenge. Success in social media hinges on choosing the social networks that best align with your business goals and the nature of your customers, and making sure that your profiles, pages & accounts are setup properly and optimized right from the very beginning of your campaigns.

WMT works to clearly understand the needs of your business, the behaviour of your customers, and the competitive environment in order to guide you to the most effective social media channels. Once it’s determined exactly where your business should be in social media, WMT sets up your accounts for optimum visibility and maximum efficiency, with the unique mechanics of each individual social network in mind.


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What’s Included with Social Profile Creation

Comprehensive setup & integration of social media accounts with your digital presence.

Creating a social media profile is easy, but making sure it’s properly optimized, configured, and integrated correctly with your website, analytics, and other digital elements is far more complex. WMT works to ensure your profile, account settings, branding, and connected platforms are 100% complete and aligned to work in sync with your entire digital strategy. With your new social media account, you’ll be right where you need to be to connect with the most relevant audiences for your business.

What to Expect with a New Social Media Account

A solid foundation and a clean start for your social media marketing campaigns

When you take ownership of your new social media account, you can be sure that it will be the solid base you need to deliver high-value, engaging content to your audience. Everything from your profile photo down to each and every behind-the-scenes account setting will be created with the utmost care and attention to your brand, your business objectives, and established social media best-practices.

While there are many similarities across different social media platforms, each one also has its own set of settings, mechanics, and optimization criteria. For example, a LinkedIn profile will certainly need to be optimized in a different manner than a Twitter account or YouTube channel. WMT ensures that each platform is uniquely configured for optimum performance.

In addition, there may be certain gateways in place that you need to be addressed before you can arrive at your final social media solution. For example, a personal Facebook account is required in order to create Facebook business pages and Facebook ad accounts. WMT will ensure you receive all the necessary elements to meet your objectives, with each one correctly configured to work properly from day one.

Social Media Profile Creations & Rebuilds include:

  • Analysis of available channels & platform insights
  • Registration of usernames & customized profile URLs
  • Profile completion, optimized business details & bios
  • Social platform integrations & profile connections
  • Paid social marketing ad account configuration


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Social Media Account Deliverables & Options

Optimized profiles, accounts, and pages for any social media platform or network

With a new social media account from WMT, you’ll receive a complete profile that you can begin using immediately to engage with your audience, share valuable content, and build a stronger relationship with your customers. All social media profiles from WMT include optimization from an SEO perspective as well, meaning that links, keywords, and other elements used to create the profile are crafted to provide additional SEO benefit to your website.

Social media profiles also need regular maintenance and refreshing, just like any other digital marketing campaigns. WMT can provide ongoing optimization and revisions to your social media profiles, or can train your internal team on best practices for ongoing social media management. We can also work in sync with your team to lend support as needed. Collaboration and teamwork are fundamental to the way WMT helps our clients achieve their goals.


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