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Importance of Conversion Optimization in PPC Campaigns

How Conversion Optimization Improves the Performance of Websites and Landing Pages Your website doesn’t exist just to look pretty. It’s there to drive business for you. As the central hub of all your digital marketing activity, you depend on your website and need it to achieve results. In simplest terms,…

Making Sure You Choose The Right Social Media Platforms

How to Select the Social Media Channels that Align with Your Digital Marketing Strategy As marketers, it’s no secret that we are all tasked with including social media as part of digital strategy. It’s proven itself to be a powerful way of reaching our audiences, engaging them, building relationships, and…

SEM Performance Warning Signs & What Action to Take

Common SEM Account Performance Problems & What You Should Do to Fix Them If you’re not an experienced SEM account management professional, it can be difficult to really know for certain if your paid search efforts are working the way they should, or if they’re optimized for maximum performance. There…

Why You Need SEO – Long Term Return on Investment

The Critical Importance of Search Engine Optimization Of all the different ways you can drive traffic to your website, search engines are undoubtedly the most important. They have become an integral part of our lives in many different ways. Any time we are looking for solutions to problems, a search…